Thursday, July 12, 2018

Jelly Jellies

Hey, everyone! This blog is usually reserved for analytical and critical posts about videogames, but today I wanted to share a bit of an update concerning my career as a game developer.

A project I've been working on for a long time, Jelly Jellies, was finally released. The team and I have put a lot into this project - hours and hours of work from design to production. I was the animator for the project, giving motion to the amazing artwork of our visual designer Kate.

I'll continue to provide support to the project, but this is a very big moment for all of us. If you happen to be reading this, do you think you could give the game a try?

Click here for the Android version.

Click here for the iOS version.


I'd like this article to have a bit more substance than just being some self advertising, so I'll talk a little bit about the way the project went for me as an animator.

We started out the project by making the animations in Adobe Animate if you can believe that - it was the tool I was most comfortable with at that time. But it became pretty clear in just a few months that Flash and Unity, our engine of choice, were not going to play nice. We needed a way to get my animations into Unity with 100 % quality while taking as little space as possible. The program to do just that presented itself: Esoteric Software's Spine. It was painful to scrap a lot of the prior work I had made in Animate, but fortunately, most of the animations could easily be remade thanks to Spine's flexible tools.

So, in just a few short weeks, I picked up and mastered Spine and not only animated a ton for this project, but also picked up a skill I've been able to use for many other projects. The best projects are definitely the ones that teach you useful new skills!

Since then, I've animated a truly baffling amount of things in Spine, from characters to environments and even special effects. I'm currently compiling a showreel to show off just how much I've learned and might share it with you when it's done - let me know if you'd be up for that.

Anyway, just some things I thought I'd share about this amazing project. The team and I really would appreciate it if you gave the game a shot and maybe left a review. Regardless, though, thank you so much for your time. When I post again, it'll hopefully be the follow-up to the Ace Attorney article I wrote - but we'll see. Have a good day!

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